Mobile Airbrush, Body Makeup & Contouring

Portofino offers one of the first available mobile airbrush tanning experiences with custom color, body makeup, contouring and unique enhancement options, while in the comfort of your own home, on location or for special events.

We cater to a very high-end clientele with the most demanding schedules often requiring services on the go at any hour. Our Portofino team is dedicated to making sure you stay beautifully bronzed!


For my wedding, I wanted a healthy golden glow with sexy, tan legs and stomach gradually lightening with a hint of color on the face. I wanted to look like me adding a soft glow to the shoulders, a nice golden color for the chest and fading up through the neck and face. Of course, as a bronzing artist, it was very clear to me what I wanted. My wedding was on a Sunday and I sprayed on Friday late afternoon. I showered the next day. My color was our coco/sensual blend. My gown was white and completely unaffected 2 days later. My tan lasted approximately 12 days.

Some of our brides prefer to customize with our Crystal Clear avoiding any bronzers and keeping the process perfectly simple.

Wedding Regimen

1 Month Prior

  • Full Body Exfoliation/Trial Spray

Wedding Weekend


  • Full body Exfoliation/Custom Spray


  • AM Shower/Moisturize with PortofinoSILK
  • AM Manicure and Pedicure
  • PM Moisturize with PortofinoSILK

Sunday – Wedding Day

  • Moisturize with PortofinoSILK
  • Makeup Artist applies “shimmer shot” to cheekbones, shoulders, collar bone, sides of legs

Wedding Tip

Wax the day prior to your spray and remember not to schedule any facials or oil massages after your custom spray appointment.

Portofino recommends all brides to come for a “trial spray” prior to the Big Day. This will allow you, as the bride, to see what your tan will look like on day one, day two and day three.Your custom color will be kept on file down to the ounce along with any color enhancements, fragrances, sheens or shimmer and the name of your body bronzing specialist. Should you wish to replicate this exact look for your wedding, we will have all of the information ready for you. As well, should you wish to lighten or darken, change the tone or color of your tan or add an enhancement…every experience is kept on file just in case you wish to have something specific for a special occasion or season.

I was happy to treat my bridesmaids to a full body exfoliation and custom spray prior to the wedding. I wanted to make sure they would not be washed out in pictures, their color would be just right with their chocolate gowns and they would not go too dark as to make me look too white against their skin tones in my wedding photos. My desire is to create a personalized experience for every bride who wishes to make her special day perfect.

– Jennifer Phillips

Special Events

Portofino is a very unique and fun experience. From weddings and spa days to pool parties and red carpet events, Portofino has hosted a variety of events.

To reserve an in-store or on-location event, please email us at [email protected]